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Welcome to SafeCAM CCTV Monitoring
Safehouse Security operates CCTV Monitoring Security service call SAFECAM, with in depth business monitoring expertise innovative methods and reliability that can make your business and home secure against danger.

We operate CCTV Monitoring via a control room 24/7. CCTV Monitoring is highly successful in reducing as well as detecting crime, malpractice and theft through effective CCTV surveillance.

Safehouse Security have trained licensed officers that will monitor 24/7 from the control room, the systems also include voice activation which will deter any intruders from entering any further.

In case of emergency, Safehouse Security can respond to the premises or alternatively we can contact a key holder of your choice to notify them and arrange to meet them at the location. Safehouse Security also provides Key holding services.

Safehouse Security
CCTV monitoring can prevent intruders entering a protected property being:

• Your business
• Your home
• Construction sites

Safecam CCTV Monitored House

Safehouse Security Ltd is a 100% shareholder of a subsidiary company called Safe Cam Ltd.

Introductory Offer..


All this
for ONLY



2 x Anti-Vandal day/night high Resolution Cameras

2 x External Pir Detectors

2 x 100v line Speakers

1 x Public address system

1 x 4 Channel Digital recorder with built in DVD writer

1 x 15" Flat Screen Monitor

Free Installation

Maintenance Contract Included.

Full monitoring service 24 hours, 7days a week, 365 days a year..

*Based on a minimum 12 Month Contract

CCTV SIA License


An SIA licence is required if you undertake the licensable activities of a public space surveillance (CCTV) operative and your services are supplied for the purposes of or in connection with any contract to a consumer.

For more information with regard to obtaining a SIA License please click here.

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