Level 2 Assault Avoidance, Disengagement and holding (2 Day)

This course will generally be split as follows.

Disengagement: This training examines how staff can reduce the risks of assault through non physical measures and avoid assault through their positioning and approach. They then learn how to disengage from the most common types of assault they can face in their role. This can extend to coming to the aid of another person and non restrictive guiding skills.

Holding: Where the job role may legitimately involve physically escorting or holding an individual, holds are taught that help to protect staff and avoid pain or discomfort for the individual. Such techniques may be required in a variety of frontline roles.

Additional holding: Where the job role may require holding and restraint of individuals who are horizontal.

Specialist: For those working in security we have safe non-confrontational searching advice and training.

All skills have undergone expert medical review.

The physical intervention courses are tailored to the environment and the common scenarios.

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