Common Room Bar

"We have been using safe house security for over 3 years since obtaining a drinks licence. We like many other establishments in the city centre, are aware of the potential risks regarding the sale of alcohol operating licensed premises in a major city with two prominent football clubs and having to deal with a large and diverse clientele.

We promote a friendly and positive door policy to all ages and ethnic groups and the role of security services is paramount in achieving this objective.

We have been extremely pleased with the quality of service provided by safe house and involved the company during our daytime operations which demonstrates the modern approach with which safe house staff and management approaches its work.

We have had experience of problem situation which have been dealt with in a discreet professional and non-confrontational manner.

I would highly recommend Safehouse Security to other establishments and am available to discuss any issue necessary regarding their service."

Yours sincerely
Miles Kehoe

Forum Shopping Centre

"I am writing to you with regard to safe house security services, which the Forum has been, hiring security personnel for the past 15 years. The service provided has been to ensure the safety and protection of customers, staff and stock to the FORUM SHOPPING CENTER.

Over the past 15 years that I have been working with safe house security I have found both the management and staff to be proficient and diligent in all areas of their work.

The standards of professionalism from staff provided in dealing with situations within the shopping centre and the Forum Café Bar have been incomparable with other security firms, that I have worked with in the twenty years I have been in retail and licence trade. Staff are adaptable able to think on their feet make decisions under pressure, whilst retaining a calm and productive environment, they are well liked and respected within the work place by shop managers and customers alike.

I can happily recommend Safehouse Security, as being a company that provides the very best in security services to all areas of the retail and licence industry, in a time when professional, diplomatic deterrent is of the essence. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contract the forum General Manger."

Yours faithfully
Alex Liddle

The Frog and Parrot

"I have been the General Manger at the Frog and Parrot for 2 years, the business is thriving in an upcoming area of Sheffield. Security issues have been foremost in my mind considering increased revenue at my site.

Safehouse Security has excelled in all aspects of security with the Frog & Parrot, drawing my attention to potential problem areas and giving advice and help when required. Their staff is smart, professional, polite and punctual and they realise how important our customers are to the business.

As a satisfied client of Safehouse Security I would recommend them to other business with needs if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me."

Nick Simmonite


Having visited Hemsworth previously I thought you may be sympathetic to my plight, therefore I thought I would take this opportunity to convey my disappointment, and that of my colleagues at Selby and duns croft after discovering that safe house security either have or are in tendering on giving 30 day notice. Having spoken to the owner l is now in a better position, and perhaps sympathise as to why he has made such a decision. Quite simply he believes that it is currently not profitable to service the three store mentioned, as these are what we would consider the high risk stores within the division, therefore he is having to pay guards substantially more than is profitable to offer this service. He then also has to wait sixty days to recover his outgoings and upon payments he has then discovered that he would have made more money had he invested his monies in a bank account.

Whilst I appreciate that we are both trying to run profitable business and that to give him more money would obviously to a reduction in our operating contribution .I believe that this initial cost would be balanced by the improvements that this company has brought to our stores. I myself and colleagues and the staff in my store feel more secure since the employment of Safehouse Security.

We have all seen a visible reduction in incidents and in turn have been able to give more time to focus on the things that we paid to attend too, such as store standard, fresh implementation, staff training, customer service etc. rather than fighting with smack heads/ drug addicts outside our store over a bottle of whisky or jar of coffee.

I personally dread the thought of what I am about to suffer in 30 days time, as I am reasonable for not only the shrinkage results for the store, but the welfare of the team that works here. I understand that it is not my decision to make, however I would like to think that this memo might influence your decision. I belief that the general consensus of opinion is that these gents should be given medals as well as pay rises. I would welcome any feed back that you should have with regard to this memo and generally I would not make a fuss however I do feel very strongly about this issue and find it hard to convey what a difference that this company has made to my store.

Yours sincerely
Mike Ross
Store Manager 2770

Ackroyd & Abbott Construction Ltd

Dear Sirs,

Re Cuthbert bank Road Sheffield.

As you aware this contract is due to be completed on the 24 August 2005 (being your final Date on site).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done .we have been very pleased with your level of service thought-out this contract and look forward to working with your company in the future.

Would you please pass on our remarks and thanks to your staff.

Yours Faithfully
K Rowbotham
Contracts Manager

Gleeson Construction Service Limited

To whom it may concern.

Dear sir /madam.

Safehouse Security has been contracted to carry out all duties pertaining to the security requirements’ at one of our prestigious inner city projects, West One.

For the past two years, they have been working on west one project and during that time we found their company and their staff carried out their duties in an honest and professional and thoroughly reliable manner. Their pro-active recourse has led to a significant decrease in theft and vandalism and with their presence on site, has also reduced the graffiti on site perimeters.

At no time has the company given us any cause for concern in relation to the way they fulfilled their contractual obligation and as such we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective company wishing to appoint a security company of such a high calibre.

Please do not hesitate to contact etc.

Yours Faithfully
David Holmes
Snr Project Manger



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